Steroid Injections (Kenalog)

Kenalog (Triamcinolone Acetonide) injections are a form of corticosteroid treatment primarily used to reduce inflammation in various conditions, including arthritis, skin diseases, and allergic reactions. For hair loss, particularly alopecia areata, which encompasses not just patchy hair loss but also more severe forms like totalis (loss of all scalp hair) and universalis (loss of all body hair), Kenalog injections help by dampening the autoimmune attack on hair follicles. These injections can induce hair regrowth in the affected areas, including cases of diffuse alopecia areata, a less common form characterized by a sudden overall thinning of the hair rather than  patchy bald spots. This treatment is applicable to both men and women suffering from various severities of alopecia areata.

Used for: Alopecia Areata