Navigating the vast landscape of hair loss information can be overwhelming for individuals seeking reliable and trustworthy sources. To assist in this journey, our Resource Section compiles a list of credible and authoritative external resources beyond our organization. These resources have been carefully selected to ensure they provide valuable and accurate information about hair loss. From specialized research institutions to industry-leading publications, this section aims to connect you with a broader spectrum of knowledge and support, helping you make well-informed decisions about your hair health and treatment options.


In the realm of hair loss, a significant challenge for consumers and patients is discerning legitimate information from content primarily aimed at selling products and services. Recognizing this difficulty, we have curated a list of books and publications that stand out for their credibility and informative value. These recommended readings have been thoroughly reviewed and selected by our organization for their factual content and educational merit. They provide insightful perspectives and trustworthy information, guiding you through the complexities of hair loss with integrity and expertise.


Hair Loss Organizations

The following list includes non-profit or consumer organizations related to hair loss that are currently recognized by The American Hair Loss Association. It’s important to note that while there are several trade organizations in this field that may be non-profit, their objectives are often more aligned with creating business opportunities for their members, rather than focusing on hair loss sufferers and consumer needs.


Trusted Brands

The AHLA acknowledges that individuals with hair loss are susceptible to misleading and unproven claims in this industry. To empower consumers and guide them in making better-informed choices for treating their condition, starting January 2022, the AHLA will award the Trusted Brand distinction to only a few select companies in various categories within the field.

Trusted Content Creators

The American Hair Loss Association acknowledges the presence of both ethical content creators and misinformation in the hair loss space. To protect vulnerable hair loss sufferers, the AHLA has launched the Trusted Content Creator Program, aimed at advocating for and helping to guard hair loss consumers from unreliable online content, practitioners, and marketers.

Hair Loss Glossary

This comprehensive glossary is crafted to clarify specialized terminology and jargon in the field of hair loss, making it accessible to experts, novices, and all those interested in the topic. Designed with precision and an understanding of our diverse readership, which ranges from medical professionals and researchers to individuals personally experiencing hair loss, it offers clear, accessible definitions. Serving both as an educational tool and a reliable reference, this glossary ensures consistent use of terminology, catering to all levels of expertise and interest in the subject of hair loss.

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The Bald Truth Podcast

Spencer Kobren’s ‘The Bald Truth’ has cemented its place as the go-to source for everything hair loss, offering unwavering support and expert advice for over 27 years. Hosted by Best Selling author and hair loss consumer advocate Spencer Kobren, alongside Joe Tillman, the original hair transplant mentor, this show stands out in the crowded media landscape for its dedicated focus on both male and female pattern baldness.

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