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In response to the growing concerns about the integrity of content creation within the hair loss and hair transplant surgery space, we are introducing the American Hair Loss Association Trusted Content Creator Program. This initiative is designed to address the issues of misleading, inaccurate, and in some cases, dangerous information proliferating across various platforms, often disseminated by individuals and entities lacking the necessary qualifications or ethical considerations.


The hair loss community has witnessed a significant rise in content creators who, under the guise of sharing personal experiences and solutions, are primarily driven by the goal of producing eye-catching content on trending topics to gain subscribers and followers, ultimately aiming to earn income as “influencers.” Additionally, within the hair transplant sector, there are individuals with undisclosed financial ties to clinics engaging in highly questionable practices. This situation has resulted in a proliferation of biased and unreliable content, exploiting the vulnerabilities of individuals seeking assistance for hair loss and hair transplantation.
Our program aims to establish a network of hair loss content creators who adhere to a strict set of guidelines emphasizing transparency, accuracy, and ethical conduct. By doing so, we seek to ensure that individuals looking for information on hair loss and hair transplant options have access to content that is informative, trustworthy, and adheres to the highest standards of integrity.

How to Apply

We’re actively seeking informed and honest content creators who are passionate about hair loss education. If you’re a YouTuber, Instagram or TikTok influencer, blogger, or any content creator who aligns with our AHLA Trusted Content Creator Criteria and is dedicated to hair loss education, we’d love to hear from you.

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Our Trusted Content Creators

The American Hair Loss Association acknowledges the presence of both ethical content creators and misinformation in the hair loss space. To protect vulnerable hair loss sufferers, the AHLA has launched the Trusted Content Creator Program, aimed at advocating for and helping to guard hair loss consumers from unreliable online content, practitioners, and marketers.

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