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For more than two decades, The American Hair Loss Association has been committed to educating and improving the lives of all those affected by hair loss. It has been the AHLA’s mission to create public awareness of this devastating disease of the spirit, and to legitimize hair loss of all forms in the eyes of our medical community, the media and society as a whole. As such, the AHLA has become the most recognized global authority on the subject of the prevention and treatment of hair loss, as well as the most trusted resource for reliable information concerning medications, and products being marketed and sold in the multibillion-dollar hair loss industry.


Healthcare in the internet age has always been difficult to safely navigate. However, with its rapidly growing presence on social media, the storm cloud of hair loss product and service misinformation is hard to ignore, and is bringing with it financial, mental, and physical health consequences, the impacts of which not only effect pocketbooks, but can literally destroy lives. The AHLA recognizes that hair loss sufferers are particularly vulnerable to the bold, unsubstantiated, and deceptive claims and marketing practices that have littered this space since its inception. With that said, after careful consideration of the current landscape, and in an effort to give hair loss consumers a fighting chance when considering purchasing any product or service to help treat their condition, The AHLA will be awarding one company* in each industry category with our Trusted Brand distinction beginning January 2022. Applications for Trusted Brand status, and to have the opportunity to display The American Hair Loss Association seal will be accepted for all brands in all categories on a biannual basis with the next application round beginning January 1, 2024. Being awarded AHLA Trusted Brand status does not constitute the right of continued use. There are no application fees required to apply for AHLA Trusted Brand status.

Current Product Categories

Product Category 1

Shall be narrowly defined as: (i) drug-free hair loss prevention DHT blocker capsules; (ii) drug-free hair/hair-growth support supplement capsules; and, (iii) drug-free topical DHT blocker serum.

Awarded To: Advanced Trichology

Product Category 2

Shall be narrowly defined as: (i) prescription hair loss medications; (ii) topical prescription hair loss medications, (ii) prescription serums and preparations.

2024 Awarded Trusted Brand verification page coming soon

*Companies manufacturing/selling multiple products will not always receive AHLA Trusted Brand Status for all products in their product line and must clearly inform consumers which products have been awarded AHLA Trusted Brand status.

The American Hair Loss Association (“AHLA”) makes no representations and/or warranties as to the accuracy of any claims, results, and/or third-party materials and/or products. AHLA is a non-profit organization whose purpose, among other things, is to assist the public in making informed decisions about hair loss and publicly list companies and/or products that are authorized and licensed to use the American Hair Loss Association Trusted Brand mark (the “Mark”). The Mark is not an endorsement, but a recognition granted to certain products. AHLA is not a testing laboratory and does not test products, nor does AHLA verify third-party materials, claims, and/or products, nor should usage of the Mark indicate, whether express or implied, the same. The Mark is solely permitted for use by properly licensed third parties that meet certain qualifications and compliances under such license. AHLA strictly adheres to all FDA, EPA, and other federal regulations pertaining to products being considered for the Mark.

How to Apply

The American Hair Loss Association is now accepting applications for the Trusted Brand status. Brands from all categories can apply biyearly with the next round of applications opening on January 1, 2024. Receiving the AHLA Trusted Brand status does not guarantee the right to its continued use. Additionally, there is no fee required to apply for this status.

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Our Trusted Brands

The AHLA acknowledges that individuals with hair loss are susceptible to misleading and unproven claims in this industry. To empower consumers and guide them in making better informed choices for treating their condition, starting January 2022, the AHLA will award the Trusted Brand distinction to only a few select companies in various categories within the field.

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