About AHLA

The American Hair Loss Association is the only national 501(c)(3), nonprofit, consumer organization dedicated to educating the public, healthcare professionals, mainstream media and legislators about the emotionally devastating disease of hair loss (alopecia).

Committed to the prevention and treatment of hair loss, the AHLA is dedicated to supporting research that will ultimately treat and cure those who suffer from this silent epidemic.

The AHLA recognizes that hair loss of any kind is a serious, life altering disorder and understands just how crippling this disease of the spirit can be to many who suffer with it.

While the American Hair Loss Association is aware of many ethical practitioners and treatment providers in this field, we also recognize the vulnerability of the hair loss sufferer. For this reason, the AHLA has been created in part to act as an advocate for, and to protect all those with this disease from questionable hair loss practitioners and treatment marketers.

Our Objective/Goal

The American Hair Loss Association provides educational resources to dermatologists and to all healthcare professionals interested in treating and educating hair loss sufferers.

Through various activities, the AHLA aims to:

  • Promote professional and public awareness of hair loss and the disease’s impact on people’s lives.
  • Encourage the advancement of scientific research in the field of hair loss and all alopecia disorders.
  • Assist individuals with hair loss in finding appropriate treatment and developing self-help skills.
  • Eliminate the stigma surrounding hair loss, and to legitimize this disease in the eyes of society.

The American Hair Loss Association is the authoritative source of information for people with hair loss and for the health care professionals who care for them. The AHLA is an active and prominent educator in the field of hair loss and all alopecia disorders.