AHLA Journal

The Journal of The American Hair Loss Association (JAHLA) is a pioneering publication in the field of hair loss, dedicated to the free dissemination of knowledge with the aim of improving patient care and advancing the field. Unique in its approach, JAHLA is the only medical journal in this field that maintains complete independence from industry influences, operating without any advertising revenue. As a 100% independent resource, JAHLA upholds the highest standards of peer review and encourages contributions from all engaged in hair loss research and treatment. While most medical journals are evaluated based solely on impact factor and peer review processes, JAHLA distinguishes itself by its lack of financial ties to any pharmaceutical, biologic, or related product or service industry. Operating as a non-profit, open-access journal, JAHLA does not generate revenue through advertising, article access fees, journal memberships, or annual fees. This policy also extends to the publication process, where unlike in some open-access journals, studies cannot be financially sponsored for publication by doctors or the companies they represent.