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AHLA Membership

American Hair Loss Association members are physicians who care for those who have been afflicted by the most prevalent and neglected epidemic seen in medicine today. AHLA physician members are not only healers, but are educators in a field that has historically been known to dismiss the concerns of patients suffering with hair loss.

We encourage physicians who are interested in making a difference in the lives of hair loss sufferers to join. AHLA members have the opportunity to truly empower their patients with completely objective, cutting-edge and life-changing information being provided to AHLA members and the hair loss sufferers whom they treat.

The most effective way to address the silent epidemic of hair loss and the professional issues facing the prevention and treatment of this disease is to join The American Hair Loss Association.

When you join the AHLA, you join with other member physicians who understand the vital role that emotional well being plays in the total health of their patients. AHLA members act together to promote national hair loss awareness and education. Together we transform our passion for hair loss into meaningful action on behalf of all hair loss sufferers and our profession.

Membership in the American Hair Loss Association enables you to:

Be Heard

Address issues with the AHLA that effect the field, your patients and your practice.

Shape The Future

Initiate and influence advocacy in your patient community.

Stay Informed

Receive cutting edge hair loss educational materials to better empower your practice and your patients.

Who is eligible?

Membership into The American Hair Loss Association is afforded to select licensed physicians and medical practitioners with the desire and knowledge to educate the hair loss sufferer. The education and treatment protocol provided by all members must meet the stringent ethical and medical standards of the AHLA.

Membership granted to surgical hair restoration physicians will be limited to those surgeons who are accepted members of The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons is a consumer hair transplant organization comprised of caring and capable professionals working to protect and improve the appearance, health and well-being of their patients and is recognized by the AHLA as an important resource for hair loss sufferers considering surgical hair restoration.

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